All film processing at Bat City is achieved in-house using Jobo rotary processors. We hand load all film onto reels before developing C41 using one shot Kodak Flexicolor chemicals and 1:1 diluted Kodak D-76 developer for black and white.

We can offer alternative black and white developers upon request.  

Most of our scans are achieved using a Fuji Frontier SP3000 with the following resolutions and will be delivered to you via dropbox   

Standard:  Approx 2400px x 3600px 

High: Approx 5400px x 3600px 

 Please find our Flextight scanning information at the bottom of the page. 

All prices include sleeving and rolling of uncut negatives.

Turn around times: 

3-7 days for C41 

7-14 Days for B+W


C41 Develop Only 35mm, 120 10
C41 Dev and Standard Res Scans 35mm, 120 16
C41 Dev and High Res Scans 35mm, 120 20
Black + White Develop Only 35mm, 120 16
Black + White and Standard Res Scans 35mm, 120 24
Black + White and High Res Scans 35mm, 120 28
Low Res Scans Only 35mm, 120 8
High Res Scans Only 35mm, 120 12
Push/Pull  35mm, 120 5


Priority Order Request:

In a hurry? A "hurry the heck up' fee of 50% of the total order will push you to the front of the line 



If you are working on an exhibition or just wanting to achieve a really large print of one of your images, we offer scans from our Hassleblad Flextight X1. Prices are per frame and include 35mm, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 and 4x6. Contact us for a cheaper quote if you're requiring multiple frames to be scanned.

Straight Scan of Single Frame: 15                                     

Straight scan of frame, delivered at the highest possible resolution TIFF. Includes JPEG proof.

Retouched and Print Ready File: 30                                           

Same as above, but also includes colour adjustments, spotting and retouching of your file/s.