Welcome to Bat City

We're a pro film lab and analogue photography space based in the regional city of Bendigo, Victoria since late 2018.

We process and scan film

Specialising in rotary processing for both C41 (colour) and black and white film, we also offer scanning services from our Fuji Frontier SP3000 and Hasselblad Flextight X1, with retouching options. We're not the fastest or the cheapest lab, but we take a helluva lot of care with your images. 

But, we're more than a lab

Bat City is a place where you can slow down a little, disconnect from the digital life and immerse yourself in the grainy magic of film photography and the timeless craft of storytelling. With regular workshops, a traditional darkroom and fully equipped photo studio coming soon, we want to carve out space for people to learn and create together.  

Yeah, we sell stuff too...

But we only sell in-store at this stage


All available in store 

Oh and we have a toastie diner

Bat City is also the home to Ghosty Toasty, slinging grilled cheese toasties 6 days a week. Check it out out at www.ghostytoasty.com.au